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Men's Wallets and Travel Accessories

The wallet—to most people it is a standard item owned by many. You put your money, identification, credit cards, and pictures of your family in it. But where did the wallet come from? It is said that the wallet dates back to ancient Greece. It was the bag carried by Hermes and the sack in which Medusa’s head was kept. During the Renaissance currency in the form of coins began to be used. Because of this the design of the wallet was changed to hold this new currency. However, people continued to carry foods such as dried meats in it, hence its name, the "poor man’s bag." This means that it was much larger than what we consider a wallet today. It was not until around the 1830s that the wallet took on the design that we now recognize. Today, there are many different types of wallets. From the bi-fold wallet to the breast wallet, they serve as a functional means to hold ones personal items. Now, Novica's artisans make it possible for you to have a beautiful handcrafted men's wallet! Carry your money in style with one of our artisans stunning creations. There are also many other travel accessories in this collection! These items would also look great paired with any of our other accessories!