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Brijesh Kumar

Brijesh Kumar

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Wonderful work at a fair price! Brijesh sets a standard for quality and artistry. I'm delighted.

Dr. Rajesh Balkrishnan

Ann Arbor, Michigan ,USA

Brijesh's work is stunning. This piece crafted by him reminds me so much of my travels in Khajuraho. His attention to details are amazing. Brijesh Bhaiyya, aapka bahut shukriyaa. aapki kalaa ke hum sadaa premi rahenge. jab hum dilli aayenge aapse mulaakaat hogi!



I just received the Apsara statue. It arrived swiftly and safely from Delhi to Tuscany. Thank you Brijesh, the statue is wonderful, It has very accurately carved details. I really liked it! When my apartment is finally renovated I will post a picture of the statue in its niche!!!
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