Pablo Castellanos

Pablo Castellanos

Handcrafted jade and sterling silver jewelry in Central America

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"Jade was a sacred stone for the Maya. This is why I use it in my designs. I also work with techniques that were used 50 years ago, without the use of machines."

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This gem I purchased last year sometime, so sorry I didn't react sooner, but this is to let you know it has become a firm favorites which I wear very often because of its simple beauty it stands out and my friends often comment on it. Just wanted you to know.



Sr. Castellanos, I just received my Dual Spirit ring and I love it. It was was on back order because the ring had to be made. Your artwork on this ring was worth the wait. I am very happy. It is a beautiful. Thank you very much.


Hi , I received the"" Swirling Seas "" Pendant the other day and how awesome it is, created out of a solid piece of jade. Wonderful craftsmanship, look forward to see some more at a later date.