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Wood Decor Accessories



Wood Decor Accessories

Wood has played a role in home decor since the Middle Ages, when wood paneling was used on walls. With its warmth and beauty, handcrafted Wood Home Décor objects add to the beauty and hominess of an interior. From rustic wood grain to sleek, Thai lacquer ware, NOVICA's Wood Home Décor collection showcases eye-catching treasures. Wood is relatively easy to carve and lends itself to a myriad of finishings, such as stains, varnishes and paint as well as inlays of brass, engraved nickel, textiles and contrasting wood. In NOVICA's artisan-crafted Wood Home Décor gallery you'll find all this and more. Andean chests and boxes enhance the wood with tooled leather or reverse-painted glass. Items crafted of reclaimed wood are eco-friendly. Central American kitchen and tableware utilize sustainably harvested wood.

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