Knowing that the clothes you wear have been ethically sourced is important to us all. Handmade clothing and accessories from NOVICA textile artisans are made with care in small workshops under happy working conditions. This, along with the quality of the yarns will make you smile each time you wear them.

About Ethical Fashion

Ethical fashion has been getting a lot more attention these days as consumers have started to take a hard look at the often exploitative practices of the current garment production system. It seeks to reduce the demand for cheaply-made, mass-produced clothing and provide fair alternatives for socially-conscious consumers. 

Ethical fashion brands produce their clothing in conditions that are fair and safe for workers. That means no cramped or unsanitary factories, no quotas or forced overtime, and no child labor. Workers are paid a fair price for their efforts and have the freedom to make a living for themselves and their families. 

Joining the growing ethical fashion initiative and buying with your conscience sends a powerful message. Say no to sweatshops and mass-produced misery and choose the new standard for a happier, more stylish world.