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Black Handbags

Black Handbags

Welcome to Novica's Black Handbag Gallery! We hope you enjoy our black handbags showcased below:

Popular Black Handbags

The Black Handbag

Novica is proud to present a Black Handbag Collection handcrafted by talented artisans from around the world. Our black handbags are offered in many materials including leather, cotton, soda pop-top, alpaca, hemp, and rattan.

In our Black Handbag gallery, you will find purses designed by Thipsukarn Janket. This Thai designer showcases a distinctive eco-friendly line of handbags which are made of natural fiber, rattan, and other sustainable materials. Whether you are shopping for a brown handbag or a hobo handbag, Janket's gallery of Thai purses will offer you a wide selection of choices.

Nanan is another artist who contributes to our collection of black handbags. Nanan is a young Javanese designer now living in Bali who offers an assortment of styles which include the clutch handbag. Nanan is also known to produce a high-quality leather tote from his leather workshop in Bali.

We hope you enjoy!