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Amethyst Jewelry from Thailand

Observe talented Thai artistry at its finest in this exquisite collection of amethyst jewelry from Thailand.

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Popular Amethyst Jewelry from Thailand

Amethyst Jewelry from Thailand

Inspired by the everlasting splendor of the legendary gemstone amethyst, Thai artisans create pieces encompassing floral themes and other natural motifs in masterfully crafted jewelry. This special collection of purple accent jewelry includes earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, and amethyst rings from Thailand. Explore featured artisan Anusara’s beaded creations, born from her love of weaving jasmine garland in her hair as a child. "I feel love and pride for all of my artwork,” Says Anusara. “I'm proud of my designs, proud of creating them, proud to wear them and proud to sell them." Find Anusara and other Thai artisans’ masterpieces in NOVICA’s collection of amethyst birthstone jewelry.