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The India Bracelet

Bracelets from India conjure faraway lands, where women dressed in colorful saris and rich jewels dance with poised, sensual elegance. Artisans preserve and contribute to their country's silver bracelet legacy with both classic and modern designs, which we are honored to showcase in Novica's India Bracelet collection.

India's jewelry heritage dates back 5,000 years, for silversmith techniques and secrets are usually passed on from one family generation to the next. In India, jewelry is made for practically every part of the body, including beautiful anklets dangling with gemstone pendants designed to warn when one's lover is nearby.

The renowned epic legends Ramayana and the Mahabharata abound in descriptions of handcrafted jewelry items. They were designed for men and women, as well as for gods and goddesses. Novica's India Bracelet gallery mirrors this millenary tradition.