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Men's Sterling Silver Necklaces

NOVICA’s collection of men’s sterling silver necklaces includes diverse designs from across the globe.

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Popular Men's Sterling Silver Necklaces

Men's Sterling Silver Necklaces

Although ornamental necklaces are commonly associated with feminine styles, men have actually worn necklaces since around 2000 BC in ancient Egypt. In Egyptian culture during this time, the more jewelry you were buried with, the better afterlife you would have. Necklaces in gold were fastened around the necks of Pharaohs to indicate wealth, power, success, and even offer protection. Today, necklaces in sterling silver fill the pages of NOVICA’s modern collection of jewelry for men, which include styles and craftsmanship new and old to pay homage to the rich tradition of men’s necklaces. Mexican artisan Cesar Godoy and his family strive to preserve traditional silversmith techniques in their sterling silver necklace designs. On starting his own workshop, Cesar says, “ It was a place for me to keep training with lost wax techniques and where I could develop my own designs.” Leather cords carry Cesar’s heavy Latin-themed pendants in his collection of sterling silver necklaces for men. Find an impressive selection of men’s sterling silver cross pendant necklaces for the perfect spiritual gift, as well as many non-religious, regional offerings.
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