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Welcome to Novica's Amazonite Necklace Gallery! Please enjoy the lovely aqua shades of our amazonite necklaces below:

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Amazonite Necklaces

Different legends tell of the origin of amazonite's name. Called the stone of courage, it is said to be named after the Amazon women warriors of the Bronze Age. Another legend says it is named after the Amazon River. Whatever the name, we're fascinated by the gem's unique beauty. Novica's Amazonite Necklace collection offers a plethora of styles to delight and captivate.

Believed to enhance creative expression, amazonite glows in the breathtaking design of sterling silver necklaces from talented artisans worldwide. The gem's verdigris green to bluish green makes it a coveted gem in handmade jewelry and gemstone sculptures – always a highly original corporate gift.

Novica's versatile Amazonite Necklace collection includes beaded necklaces, chokers and pendants featuring a rainbow-full of colorful gemstones.