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The Chrysocolla Necklace

Chrysocolla is an attractive blue-green stone that has been prized for ornamentation throughout the ages. The name comes from the Greek chrysos meaning gold, and kolla meaning glue, for back in 315 BC it was used to solder gold. Native American Indian cultures regarded chrysocolla as a healing stone. Today's artisans transform the gem into the flowers, animals, masks and charms that accentuate Novica's Chrysocolla Necklace collection.

Jewelrysmiths in Peru replicate Moche, Nazca and Inca glyphs, including the tumi ceremonial dagger, in exquisite handmade jewelry with chrysocolla inlay. In Thailand, silversmiths select the gem's green undertones to mirror their country's lush vegetation in the exotic design of sterling silver necklaces.

The wide variety of Chrysocolla Necklaces from Novica include silver filigree, leather ties, chokers and long necklaces. Our selection is designed to enthrall even the most demanding of tastes – we hope you enjoy!