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Pendant Jewelry

Pendants derive from ancient cultures' practice of wearing talismans or amulets around the neck and date from the Stone Age. By the Middle Ages, pendants took the form of reliquaries that held a memento of a saint or sacred object. However Renaissance artists began creating pendants for decorative purposes, although cross necklaces with jewels remained popular symbols of faith.

Sun and moon motifs fascinate Carlos Muñoz, who interprets the eclipse of Mexico's Huichol masks as modern silver pendants bathed in gold. Bali's Wayan Asmana fashions sterling silver dragonflies, seahorses, dolphins and butterflies adorned with blue topaz and amethyst. Danai gives the pendant a natural touch, immortalizing natural orchids and roses to grace floral necklaces and flower earrings.

Novica's Gemstone Pendant Collection features unique, handcrafted pendants from talented artisans and jewelry designers worldwide. Our gemstone pendants are primarily made with sterling silver and many feature turquoise, garnet and lapis lazuli, among others. They are beautiful!

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