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Garnet Pendant Gallery

Welcome to Novica's Garnet Pendant Collection! We hope you enjoy exploring our rich garnet pendants:

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The Garnet Pendant

Garnet is a naturally occurring gemstone. Rather than a single gemstone, garnet is a family of related minerals, some of which occur as gemstones. Garnets occur naturally in a large range of colours including: red, orange, brown, green, yellow, and brown.

Novica's collection of garnet jewelry is unique, for it includes a sampling of amazing pieces from world renowned designers proud to share their country's jewelry traditions. We invite you to peruse our garnet pendant gallery. Please enjoy!

Balinese artist Nyoman Rena offers a wide selection of garnet pendants, garnet earrings and garnet rings. His lengthy background in carving is evident in his meticulously detailed garnet pendants.

Beenu, an artisan from India, also enjoys working with garnets. Beenu comes from a long line of jewelry designers. She also crafts tourmaline jewelry emerald necklaces and onyx earrings.

We hope you enjoy browsing our garnet pendant gallery!
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