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Welcome to Novica's Smoky Quartz Pendant Collection! Please feel free to explore our enchanting smoky quartz pendants below:

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Popular Smoky Quartz Pendant

The Smoky Quartz Pendant

After strands, pendant necklaces are one of the earliest forms of jewelry. The pendant derives from ancient cultures' practice of wearing talismans or amulets around the neck, and date from the Stone Age. By the Middle Ages, pendants took the form of reliquaries that held a memento of a saint or a sacred object.

A perfect accessory for the 21st century, the smoky quartz pendant is always elegant. Surrounded in sterling silver, the stone can take the shape of faceted ovals, teardrops and hemispheres. Whatever the setting, their exquisite coloration takes center stage and can vary from brown to gray and black.

Smoky quartz has its own varieties - cairngorm, from Scotland's Cairngorm Mountains, the very dark, black opaque morion, with its alternating black and gray bands, and gwindel, a cluster of nearly parallel crystals, each rotated slightly relative to the one beside it.

Novica's Smoky Quartz Pendant Collection features extraordinary handmade jewelry crafted by talented artisans and silversmiths from around the globe. Whether appearing alone or complemented with other stones, our smoky quartz pendants come in a wide range of styles.

Bali's Zayd Makarim crafts silver and smoky quartz pendants with traditional Indonesian styling to wear on leather chokers. From India, Sunita creates both modern pendants and designs with ancient Persian influence. She often pairs a smoky quartz necklace with a matching sterling silver ring or earrings. Brazilian designers Luciana and Marcia create contemporary smoky quartz earrings and bracelets.

Whether you are looking for a floral, charm, or animal-themed pendant, our Smoky Quartz Pendant Collection is sure to offer you the perfect addition to your collection.

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