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Beadwork mask, 'Marra Rrurabe' - Huichol Papier Mache Peyote Mask Curate

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Huichol Papier Mache Peyote Mask, "Marra Rrurabe"

Marra rrurabe means "Deer star." In a profuse display of symbolic patterns, this... more

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Marra rrurabe means "Deer star." In a profuse display of symbolic patterns, this beaded mask on a papier maché backing by Higinio Hernandez contains three of the most important elements of the huichol culture: corn, deer and peyote. Every detail reflects a deep relation with the cosmic elements in geometric intricacy. The rich iconography of the Huichols, who are recognized as a profoundly mystical people, signals that every object possesses immeasurable degrees of spiritual meaning.

The deer symbolizes Kayumahli, the spirit who is the guide, teacher, and channel of knowledge for the Shamans. The deer hunt, capture and slaying, is a very ritualized ceremony. As a guardian spirit, marra is one of the animals of primary importance in the shamanism of the Huichol.

The Huichol art is a literal physical translation of imagery seen during their expanded state of awareness, induced by their sacred cactus. This art is a tangible manifestation of their experience in the realm of the gods for each of us to see, touch, and commune with, becoming vehicles for our own contemplation and transformation.

Care instructions: To prevent the chaquira beads from working loose, do not expose this piece to direct heat or light sources.

  • 0.30 kgs
  • 0.7 lbs
  • 24 cm H x 15 cm W x 10 cm D
  • 9.5" H x 6" W x 3.9" D

  • Papier mache, wax, beads
  • Keep out of the sun
  • Keep out of heat
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  • Made in Mexico.
  • Certified and shipped by our office in Mexico
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Higinio was very emotionally affected after being abandoned by his mother at the age of four. In his words, "When I was four years old, my mom abandoned me and left me with my dad. I was an only child. Later, he remarried and, when my stepmother arrived, that's where the emotional problems started. She did not treat me like my half-brothers. I always ate last. My dad never noticed. When I was 11 years old, it was so bad that I left home. It was very difficult surviving by myself, although I learned a lot. I went to the city. And later, when I returned to the village, they respected me more. I learned how to handle myself and they see me better. And I help the community. My half brothers respect me now and we have no problems."

Higinio has left a profound impact in his community and has successfully tripled the growth of his endeavor from his first six months at NOVICA.

Higinio passes down traditional techniques to his family in order to preserve the authenticity of each of his Huichol beadwork designs.

Higinio's sales from NOVICA represent the majority of his income. Each purchase makes a profound impact on his family's livelihood.

Higinio is a very dedicated father who has six children that he supports financially.

Higinio's income supports and provides for the education of his six children.

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12 Testimonials for Higinio Hernandez Carrillo



The skill, the craftsmanship and the glorious color of his work are a true joy. I will certainly be adding more to my collection! And as gifts for friends and family. ck


Dear Higinio Thank you for the ( MESSENGER ) it is a work of art. It bring sunshine to the room it hangs in. Wish you and your family all the best in the new year.


I am in love with the earrings made by Mr. Higinio Hernandez Carrillo! I was very saddened to learn recently however that land sacred to his people Wirikuta is being threated and was wondering what I could do to help this gifted artist and his beautiful people.