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Pop Art

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Pop Art

Pop Art began is an artistic movement that began in the late 1950's in reaction to the sophisticated and elite nature attributed to abstract art. In a pop art painting, the artist makes a commentary on contemporary society and culture by redefining popular images. The aim is to bring art into everyday, contemporary life. In that sense, Novica's gallery of Pop Art paintings becomes an original adventure through which you can explore faraway lands and their unique, contemporary cultures.

Novica's pop art paintings are characterized by a powerful use of color, such as Ida Ratna Ningrum's intense green paintings portraying the beautiful Indonesia. Pairat uses bold colors for his nude paintings of the legendary beauty of Lanna women, the historic kingdom in northern Thailand. In Ghana, Felix Armah Arkutu shares the wisdom in the Ashanti people's Adinkra symbols through pop art stylizations in his dance paintings.