Shot Glasses

In a world teeming with mass production, the handmade glass drinkware creations by artisan team Javier and Efren are a breath of fresh air for NOVICA shoppers. Offering an extensive selection of handsome blown shot glass sets; no two pieces by the Mexican duo turn out exactly alike, which only adds to the admirable uniqueness of this legendary art form. What’s more, Javier and Efren work with lead-free, un-tempered and recycled glass, so you can rest assured knowing the low impact of your purchase. In this collection of shot glasses from NOVICA, you can find radiant shot glasses splashed with colorful confetti or rimmed with simple accent hues. You’ll also find ceramic shot glasses with handles by Javier Servin and Pedro Alba. Ideal for celebrations of all kinds, 1 oz shot glasses are must-haves for entertaining.